Board of Trustees

Mastery's board includes parents, educators, community and business leaders - all volunteers who are passionate about Mastery's mission.

Comprehensive Board of Trustees

Bob Victor, Ex-Officio Chair

Don Kimelman, Treasurer

Sulaiman Rahman, Secretary

Suzanne Biemiller

Hosea Harvey

Markida Ross

Stacey Sellers

Judith Tschirgi

John Walsh


Bob Victor, Chair

Gerry Emery, Treasurer

Robin Olanrewaju, Secretary

Mastery Schools of Camden

Jim Sheward, Chair

Jamie Reynolds

Reuel Robinson

Sharell Sharp

Judith Tschirgi

Mastery Charter Schools Board Schedule 2020-2021

Date Time Location
07/22/20 6:00-8:40p Remote Zoom Meeting
08/19/20 6:00-8:40p Remote Zoom Meeting
09/16/20 6:00-8:40p Remote Zoom Meeting
10/14/20 6:00-6:45p Remote Zoom Meeting
11/11/20 6:00-8:40p Remote Zoom Meeting
12/09/20 6:00-6:45p Remote Zoom Meeting
01/13/21 6:00-8:40p Remote Zoom Meeting
02/17/21 6:00-6:45p Remote Zoom Meeting
03/17/21 6:00-8:40p Remote Zoom Meeting
04/21/21 6:00-6:45p Remote Zoom Meeting
05/19/21 6:00-8:40p Remote Zoom Meeting
06/16/21 6:00-8:40p Remote Zoom Meeting

Mastery Schools of Camden Board Schedule 2020-2021

Date Time Type Location
07/28/20 6:00-8:00p Phone Cramer Hill
08/25/20 6:00-8:00p Phone East Camden Middle
09/22/20 6:00-8:00p In-Person Mastery High School of
10/20/20 6:00-6:30p Phone McGraw
11/17/20 6:00-8:00p In-Person Molina Lower
12/15/20 6:00-6:30p Phone Cramer Hill
01/19/21 6:00-8:00p In-Person East Camden Middle
02/23/21 6:00-6:30p Phone Mastery High School of Camden
03/23/21 6:00-8:00p In-Person McGraw
04/27/21 6:00-6:30p Phone Molina Upper
05/25/21 6:00-8:00p In-Person Cramer Hill
06/22/21 6:00-8:00p Phone East Camden Middle

Mastery Charter Schools Board Minutes

Mastery Schools of Camden Board Minutes

To register for public comment at a Mastery board meeting, please call 215-866-9000 ext. 15001 no later than 3:00 p.m. two days prior to the scheduled meeting.
For more information, email Board@masterycharter.org.