Did you know that long-term studies have shown access to early play experiences boosts life outcomes substantially: 


Raise in Yearly Earnings


Increase in H.S. Graduations


Increase in Bachelor Degrees

Over 600 students in grades K-8 at Pastorius-Richardson Elementary need your help to transform a concrete parking lot into a playground for the start of the 2019-20 school year.

With a goal to raise, $75,000, this initiative will provide students with an outlet to engage in creative, physical play in a space that is also more conducive to increased supervision by staff.

A primary sponsor (75-100% of the $75,000 total need) will have the option of name recognition opportunities onsite, online and during a ribbon cutting ceremony.

If you wish to make a gift in excess of $10,000, please contact Natalie Busillo at 215-866-9000 x1055.

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