We're hiring! Refer a friend and earn cash!

We are looking for great people to join our team, inside and outside of the classroom.


special education or STEM teacher referral


full-time school or central office employee referral


principal, assistant principal or apprentice school leader referral


Type 1: Refer someone who is actively looking for employment opportunities.

Type 2: Refer someone who is qualified, but not actively looking for other opportunities.

  • Evidence of strong results
  • Aligned to Mastery’s values and mission
  • Experience with and interest in urban education
  • Open to feedback and eager for growth and development
  • Our mission and values
  • Professional development and opportunities for growth
  • Incredible school leadership
  • Our student achievement results
  • Competitive pay and rich benefits plan

To receive the referral bonus:

  • The referred employee must be employed at Mastery at the time bonuses are paid out.
  • The referral’s information must be submitted through the referral link PRIOR to the referral accepting a full-time position at Mastery. (The Referral link is here.)

You are NOT eligible for a referral bonus if:

  • You refer a candidate hired for a part-time position. (However, we welcome recommendations for part-time candidates.)
  • You submit the referral’s name AFTER the referral has been hired by Mastery.
  • You are a chief, deputy chief, regional school officer or member of the Mastery talent team
  • The only way to GUARANTEE you receive a referral bonus, is to follow the referral process and submit your referral to referral link, found here.
    • Referrals for FULL-TIME special education or STEM teachers: $1,000 per hire
    • Referrals for FULL-TIME school-based or central office employees: $500 per hire
    • Referrals for principal or Apprentice School Leader (ASL) principal, instruction or specialized services: $1,000 per hire
  • Referral bonuses are paid out twice yearly in May and October.