North Camden Elementary

Grades: K-5

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800 Erie Street

Camden, NJ 08102

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North Camden Elementary

Grades K-5



Our Address

800 Erie Street

Camden, NJ 08102

(Located at the Pyne Poynt Middle School building)


Your child will learn.

“At Mastery... reading and math levels nearly double in some cases triple.” -President Barack Obama, National Urban League speech, July, 2010

We have a 13 year track record of success.

Recognized as the #3 school in Pennsylvania for elementary performance gains by an independent non-profit. -PennCann, 2013, Hardy Williams Elementary

We make learning fun.

“At Mastery, it’s cool to be smart.” -Khalil F., Mastery Cleveland 5th Grader

Our teachers care about your child.

“I was delighted the first time my grandson’s teacher called me to tell me how well he was doing in class.” -E. Moffit, Grandmother, Mastery Mann 6th Grader


Brief History

Mastery Schools of Camden – North Camden Elementary is a renaissance school based on the model developed by Mastery Charter High School – Lenfest Campus (founded in 2001).  Mastery’s mission is to prepare urban youth for success in higher education and the global economy.  Mastery Schools of Camden was selected by the Camden City School District as one of the first renaissance providers to open schools in Camden, and founded North Camden in 2014.  North Camden currently serves 290 students in Kindergarten through 5th grades, with services for special education and bilingual students.


North Camden’s doors opened in August and already we are seeing growth in our students and the development of a strong Mastery community.  Our belief in every child’s potential, coupled with our dedication to building a rigorous and enriching community for our children and families, makes North Camden shine as a school designed to serve the entire community.  Our community is guided by Mastery’s core values of Respect, Responsibility, Hard Work, Teamwork, and Kindness, with the pursuit of student achievement at the core of our mission.


We welcome you to visit us at our home at the Pyne Poynt Middle School campus and see what we are all about.

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Call: 856-726-0200




Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying (HIB) Policy


John Widmer, Anti-Bullying Coordinator

(215) 866-9000 Ext. 3114


Rasheedah Clark, Anti-Bullying Specialist  

(856) 371-2364