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Benchmarks are next week! Below is the schedule per grade.

  • Monday: Normal Day: 3:18 dismissal
  • Tuesday: Benchmarks and then 2:30 dismissal
  • Wednesday: Benchmarks and then 2:30 dismissal
  • Thursday: Normal Day with House Wars: 3:15 dismissal
  • Friday: No School for students, staff only


6th grade: Math and Literature Benchmark

7th and 8th and 9th and 10th : Math and Literature and History Benchmark

11th Grade and 12th grade: Literature and History and Math and Spanish Benchmark


6th and 7th grade : Math and Science and Literature Benchmark

8th to 12th Grade: Math and Science and History and Literature Benchmark

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Mastery Charter: Pickett Campus

A reminder that Spring Break is the whole week of April 10 to 14!