Clymer Elementary

Grades K-8

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1201 W. Rush Street

Philadelphia, PA 19133

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Phone: 215-223-2243

Email: Ben Kohler

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Clymer Elementary


Clymer Elementary is now accepting application for incoming Kindergartens. Please stop in and submit your application today!

Via Public Transportation

  • By Train: Take the Broad Street Line (BSS), to the North Philadelphia Stop. From there, walk east on Lehigh to 13th St. Turn left at 13th, walk four blocks then turn right on W. Rush St. 
  • By Bus: Take the 54 bus route, which runs east-west on Lehigh Avenue. Get off at the 13th and Lehigh Ave stop. Turn left at 13th, walk four blocks then turn right on W. Rush St.
    or Take the 16 bus route, which runs north-south on Broad St. Get off at the Broad Street and Somerset stop, and walk two blocks east on Somerset Street, then turn left on 13th St. Walk one block then turn right on W. Rush Street.
    or Take the 23 bus route, which runs along Germantown Avenue. Get off at the Germantown Ave and Lehigh stop, and walk west on Lehigh to 13th St. Turn right at 13th, walk four blocks then turn right on W. Rush St.

Brief History

Mastery Charter School – Clymer Elementary is a turnaround school based on the model developed by Mastery Charter High School -- Lenfest Campus (founded in 2001). Mastery Charter’s mission is to prepare urban youth for success in higher education and in the global economy. Mastery was selected in March 2011 by the Clymer Renaissance School Advisory Council for a complete restart to begin in the fall of 2011. Clymer is a K-8 school in the North Philadelphia section of the city. In September 2011, the George Clymer Elementary School was converted into a new independent charter school within the Mastery Charter School network. The existing students remained but Mastery implemented its own program. Since that time, the Mastery network along with school-level leadership and members of the SAC (current membership is more than 50% returning Clymer parents) have worked together to refine and implement the plan now in place for turning around this once failing school into a high-performing school. We received positive reviews for the initial changes and are confident that, supported by our robust planning process, our students are more than capable of achieving a high level of success. Mastery Clymer serves approximately 540 students in grades K-8.