Blog: Master Teacher Spotlight on Michelle Quirk

Michelle Quirk was a founding teacher at North Camden before it merged with Cramer Hill, where she now teaches Special Education. While attending college in upstate NY, Michelle had the opportunity to study Art History in Italy for 5 months. It was the first time she had ever flown on an airplane, describing it as both “a terrifying and incredible experience” that helped her come out of her shell and impacted who she is as an adult.

A newly wed and New Jersey native; Michelle likes to cook, listen to music, make jewelry, go to museums and attend plays. But, the hobby she holds higher than all is reading. “I am an incredible avid reader, always have been. The kid who always had their nose in a book. Love for reading is what brought me to teaching – to share that passion with my students.” Michelle explained.

The family environment, support, dedication to student achievement, and student growth are what keep Michelle at Cramer Hill. The staff celebrates their wins and supports one another through the struggles. “The best part about still being here 4 years later is seeing the same students in the hallways and in classes. Seeing the growth that they’ve made academically and socially is beautiful.”