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Chanell Bates
Director of Postsecondary Initiatives


Email: Chanell Bates

Mara Cooper
Assistant Director of College Initiatives


Email: Mara Cooper

Christine Mikulski
Assistant Director of Alumni Programming

Email: Christine Mikulski

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College Team

Central Office Staff

Chanell Bates, Director of Postsecondary Initiatives, 267-838-1327


Mara Cooper, Assistant Director of College Initiatives, 267-761-2331


Christine Mikulski, Assistant Director of Alumni Programming, 267-838-1159


Jasmine Phillip, College Completion Manager, 267-858-1924

Campus Staff


College Advisor:

Dana Martin,
215-922-1902, ext. 2246


Internship Coordinator:

Jill Purdy,
215-922-1902, ext. 2110

Hardy Williams High

Internship Coordinator: 

Christina Burton,

Pickett Campus

College Advisors:

Justina Bell,

215-866-9000, ext.1046


Internship Coordinator:

Ronald Nichols,


Shoemaker Campus

College Advisor:

Linda Donatoni,


College Coordinator:

Irene Atkins,


Internship Coordinator:

Kerry Sorensen,

Simon Gratz High School

College Advisor: 

Maureen Quiles-Rosa,

College Advisor: 

Jade Roane,


Internship Coordinator: 

Holly Phillips,


Internship Coordinator: 

Tom Whittle,

Thomas Campus 

College Advisor: 

Chris Horne,


Internship Coordinator: 

LaToya Coley,


The Sage Financial-Mastery Early College Partnership in Memory of David M. Cohn

Program Manager:

Lance Dronkers,