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The Apprentice School Leader Program is a highly selective one-year residency for future Mastery leaders to grow, plan and learn as they prepare to lead a Mastery school. ASLs are placed in existing Mastery schools and are integral members of the school community. ASLs drive achievement in their host schools and participate in leadership seminars throughout the year.

The ASL program is founded on three guiding principles:

1) Year-long immersion placement in one of our current schools will prepare you to lead. The ASL works as an integral member of the leadership team. The ASL has clear and significant responsibilities and drives towards achievement metrics in his/her host school.

2) ) In-depth, experience-based management training will give you the tools to drive results.The ASL program links the everyday lessons learned in schools with high-impact management training. ASLs participate in workshops designed to build execution management skills, organizational communication, and problem-solving skills.

3) Intensive support and planning time will set your team up for success. ASLs receive intensive support from Regional Directors and consult with Mastery turnaround experts to prepare themselves for permanent placement at an existing or new turnaround school. ASLs charged with opening a new turnaround schools spend April through August creating school mission metrics, building instructional and operational teams, deepening relationships with school families and community members, and preparing their building facilities for the upcoming year.

Each year, the Apprentice School Leader Program selects the most talented developing leaders for the following positions:

• Apprentice School Leader- Instruction

• Apprentice School Leader- Culture

• Apprentice School Leader- Operations

• Apprentice School Leader- Specialized Services