Frequently Asked Questions

Mastery regularly updates our website to reflect our most current openings. To review a list of positions that are currently open, click on the “Apply” button or here.


Mastery Charter Schools comply with all federal and state certification requirements for charter school teachers. If you are not certified, you must be enrolled in a program that leads to certification by the time you start at Mastery. You can be certified in a state other than Pennsylvania. If you are out-of-state certified, Mastery’s HR department will walk you through the steps needed to attain Pennsylvania certification.

During the application process, you can specify your school, grade level, and subject area preferences. The Recruitment Team will review your preferences when considering your placement. However, all applications to Mastery are reviewed for all of our schools and the ultimate placement decision is based on your qualifications and your fit with the needs of a particular school.

We currently anticipate that we will be expanding our network of schools within Philadelphia, and Camden, NJ. Overall, it is likely that we will be hiring over 200 new teachers for the 2017-18 school year.

To apply for a position at Mastery, click on “Apply Now.” You must apply through the website in order for your candidacy to be considered. Prior to submitting your application, we recommend you thoroughly review our website to familiarize yourself with Mastery’s mission and model.

After you submit your online application, you will receive an email confirming that it has been received. If you do not receive this e-mail within 24 hours, please check your junk mail or spam folder. If your qualifications meet our current needs, the Recruitment Team will contact you about the next steps in the process. Due to the high volume of applications we receive on a daily basis, we are unable to respond to individual inquiries about application status.

Why Mastery?

  • Your journey at Mastery begins with a week of network-wide New Teacher Orientation, followed by on-campus training with your colleagues, and over 250 hours of professional development; teacher support and development is our priority. Every Wednesday our staff participates in professional development.
  • We ensure that teachers have the space, resources, and practice they need to excel prior to and throughout the school-year. Our teachers participate in robust coaching cycles driven by concrete, manageable goals; frequent, aligned feedback; modeling and practice. We are nationally recognized for our teacher coaching model.
  • Our teachers participate in outcomes-oriented planning meetings with building or central experts. Planning meetings drive content expertise, outstanding lesson design, and thoughtful collaboration with peers.
  • Teachers drive student achievement.  We believe effort and impact should be reflected in earning power, access to increased responsibilities, and opportunities for leadership. Positive impact on students is recognized.
  • We have a formal teacher leader program that allows teachers to drive positive impact within and outside of their classroom.
  • Our teacher leaders support colleagues with instruction, classroom management, cultural competence/context and mindset, building extracurricular programming.
  • Our Apprentice School Leader program provides interested teachers with a path to school leadership. ASLs work closely with school leaders and take on meaningful projects.

Mastery is reinventing world-class public schools by creating environments where there is incredible joy, love for learning, positive relationships and highly effective instruction.  These principles ground us in every strategy and priority.

  • Love And Outcomes: Students thrive when rich experiences and measurable outcomes are highly valued.  Our schools foster joy, wonder, independence and urgency, structure and accountability. Our lessons are authentic and engaging and drive toward clear, rigorous goals. Our programs build the personal and academic skills essential to students’ success.
  • High Expectations, High Support: Our students are brilliant. We hold students to unwaveringly high expectations. We know that students enter at varying levels and therefore we provide multiple pathways and responsive supports that ensure students have opportunities to catch up, accelerate, and advance.
  • Cultural Context: Our students’ cultures and identities are a source of strength and opportunity. We know that culture, race, and identity strongly influence how we teach, students learn, and the school community interacts.  We intentionally develop our staff’s cultural competence to enable authentic student-staff relationships that support achievement.  We intentionally develop our students’ positive identity and prepare them with the skills they need to navigate the real world.
  • Families Are Our Partners: Families are our students’ first and most important teachers.  We engage families as authentic partners in their children’s academic achievement and development.
  • Data Driven: Data guides our collective work. Data drives decisions about instruction, programming, and the ongoing improvement of our organization.
  • A Common Foundation: We leverage common approaches to instruction, management, and professional development that ensure alignment, efficiency and quality. Our leaders and teachers take responsibility for their students’ success and are empowered to act – they build on our shared foundation to meet the specific needs of their school communities.
  • We value hard work. Teachers’ and leaders’ efforts are rewarded through performance-based pay and incentive programs.
  • Tiered instructor levels mean constant opportunities for increased responsibilities and compensation, and achievement is acknowledged.

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