Network Support Team

Mastery’s central office, known as the Network Support Team (NST), provides services to all of our schools including curriculum, programmatic design and oversight, leadership coaching, teacher coaching, academic assessments, staff recruitment, human resources, back office functions, technology, fundraising, and community engagement.

Central Office Departments

From curriculum writing to professional development, the academic provides support to our schools by providing a world-class academic program.

We are often looking for great people to provide human resource support as well as recruit great teachers and leaders. We know that talent cultivation and support is crucial part of achieving strong outcomes for our students. The talent team recruits, supports, and develops strong teachers, leaders and staff for Mastery.

Our innovation team focuses on fundraising, relationships with our communities, and advocacy.

The operations team provides technology and data support as well as managing our facilities, and network-wide operations support.

Our finance team ensures our schools have the funding and budgetary latitude to make use of our resources in support of our students.

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Additonal Roles

Social Work, Support Staff, Deans

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