Careers : Why Work at Mastery

What Makes Mastery a Top Destination for Educators?

Mastery Program Summary

What if you could spend every minute of the school day focused on student achievement? Every day in schools across Philadelphia, Mastery teachers and leaders do just that. We are driven by our students’ limitless potential and our educational model is designed to support incredible student results.

Culture of High Expectations

We set the bar high. Student achievement drives every decision we make, and a rigorous learning environment is found in every classroom. Through meaningful use of data and assessments, leaders and teachers are able to pinpoint each student’s accomplishments and challenges. Data informs our planning, and steps are outlined so that each student can reach mastery. Our goal is to close the achievement gap, and our staff does whatever it takes to get there.


One-Team Approach

We work together. Collaborative planning time is built into each school’s schedule, ensuring time for honest and respectful feedback. Our clear and consistent approach to instruction and classroom management results in more learning time and a positive school culture. Our staff and students are proud to be a part of the Mastery family.


Leadership Development

We encourage growth. Professional development starts with an intensive summer orientation and continues throughout the school year. Every day, teacher growth is supported by school leaders, mentor teachers and instructional coaches. Our Apprentice School Leader Program creates intentional pathways from teaching to school leadership, enabling Mastery teachers to become Mastery administrators. Our teachers and leaders are continuously improving.


Rewards for Success

We value hard work. Teachers’ and leaders’ efforts are rewarded through merit-based pay and incentive programs. Tiered instructor levels mean constant opportunities for increased responsibilities and compensation, and achievement is acknowledged through annual bonuses tied to school performance. The leaders that drive schools’ academic gains are rewarded with competitive incentives. Our students’ potential is limitless; our work is rewarding.