Working with Our Families and Community

We believe that families are our partners and their child’s first and most important teachers. Mastery schools are welcoming places where families feel respected and encouraged to talk with school leaders and teachers in support of their child’s education.


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School Based Groups

School-based parent leadership groups focused on supporting the mission of each school through volunteering for school-based activities, fundraising to support school initiatives, promoting activities to increase parental involvement, or providing voluntary support to students, staff, and faculty.

This parent-led council is an organized and maintained by the School District of Philadelphia. Its oversight role is to monitor the school-based charter agreements between the School District of Philadelphia and each Mastery Renaissance school. Parents on this council have a specific role to monitor the academic progress of each Mastery Renaissance school and to report Mastery’s progress annually to the district.

Network Wide Groups

A network-wide organization comprised of parent leaders representing each Mastery school. MPAC members provide input and guidance to the Mastery leadership and ensure two-way communication between schools and the Mastery Board. MPAC is also responsible for nominating parent representatives to the Mastery Board. MPAC meets with Mastery’s CEO and other leaders to discuss Mastery finances, growth plan, academic performance, safety, and other network-wide issues.

A network-wide parent leadership group that uses the organizing strategies of relationship building, research and public action to address internal (school) and external (community) parent concerns at each Mastery school. In addition to addressing local, school-based issues, this group also uses the organizing strategies of research and public action to address city and/or statewide education policy issues. For more information on the Parent Action Team or Mastery parent organizing campaigns, please contact Winslow Mason, Community Organizing Manager at or 267-908-1673.

Mastery Parents Take Action!

Let’s build a powerful base of parents who take action on issues to create positive change for our children and communities!

Parent Action Team

Who is the Parent Action Team?

You…and other parents like you who want safe and vibrant communities and high quality schools for all children.

What do Action Team Leaders do?

Build relationships with other parents and neighbors to work together on issues that matter to you.

How do we do that?

Parent, school and community leaders identify issues, plan strategy and take action.

How do I benefit?

You’ll learn organizing skills, become an effective leader and engage in the public arena.

How do I join?


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From stellar graduation rates to record-breaking scholarship dollars awarded to our college-bound graduates, our results get national attention.

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