Preparing our students for success beyond the classroom

At Mastery we offer individualized pathways for each of our students. We equip them for a successful postsecondary journey, whether in a career or on a college campus.

For Parents and Students

Partnering with families to develop the right path for each student.

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College Admissions Professionals

Working together to help students pursue their dreams.

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Today's interns. Tomorrow's leaders. We prepare our students for the real world.

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Supporting our students beyond graduation.

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Million in scholarship dollars
for the class of 2017

"As a parent of a Mastery graduate, I couldn't have asked for a more supportive postsecondary team. They made sure my daughter took advantage of every opportunity to pursue her dreams."

Jada Jolley-Pennick, Parent
Mastery Alum Class of 2015
Currently Attending Penn State University

Contact Information

College and Career Team

Chanell Bates

Director of Postsecondary Initiatives

Tomika Brown

Assistant Director of Career Initiatives

Jasmine Phillip

College Completion Manager

Jade Hollis

Alumni Coordinator

Dana Martin

College Advisor
215-922-1902, ext. 2246

Jill Purdy

Internship Coordinator
Jill Purdy,
215-922-1902, ext. 2110

Tonya Haynes

College Advisor

Ashley Jones

College Coordinator

Joanna Bartholomew

Internship Coordinator

Justina Bell

College Advisor
215-866-9000, ext.1046

Christina Baez

College Coordinator

Ronald Nichols

Internship Coordinator

Linda Donatoni

College Advisor

Kathrina Berk

College Coordinator

Kerry Sorensen

Internship Coordinator

Maureen Quiles-Rosa

College Advisor

Jade Roane

College Advisor

Christopher Chaplin

College Advisor

Saroya Royster

Internship Coordinator

Thomas Whittle

Internship Coordinator

Christopher Horne

College Advisor

LaToya Coley

Internship Coordinator

Lance Dronkers

Program Manager