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A stunning performance gap (approximately 30 percentage points) exists between low-income minority students and the State average on standardized tests. All Mastery schools commit to eliminating this gap. Our goal is for at least 80% of students to achieve proficiency in writing, math, and reading.


Turnaround Schools


In 2005, based on the success of the original Lenfest Campus, the School District of Philadelphia invited Mastery to turnaround Thomas Middle School. In 2006, Mastery turned around Shoemaker Middle School, previously the second most violent school in the District. In 2007, Mastery turned around Pickett Middle School, formerly one of the lowest performing District schools.


After Mastery assumed management of the schools, test scores increased an average of over 40 percentage points per grade and subject, violence decreased by 80%, and student turnover dropped by one-third.


In 2010, Mastery turned around three elementary schools under Dr. Ackerman, former superintendent of the School District of Philadelphia. The Renaissance School Initiative, Dr. Ackerman’s bold strategy, was designed to turn around the lowest performing schools in Philadelphia. These schools remained neighborhood schools, with open admission to local residents. After Mastery took over, enrollment at these three schools increased an average of 16% -- with 100% of students from the local neighborhood. Violence has nearly disappeared. Attendance is up. Student turnover has dropped by 50%. Math scores increased 14% points and reading scores increased 9% percentage points in the first year.